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Poly household oddity?

Came across this very good article about polyamory, featuring a household of poly lovers living¬†together, along with their kids:¬†Dishes, Dinner, & Sex. There were three things that struck me about this article: The first was the fact that the article was positive and informative and not exploitative. It used to be that anything found in the media about polyamory or open marriages of any sort was for shock value. God forbid anyone with an open marriage depicted in a crime drama like “CSI” was portrayed in any way other than a degenerate. But more often, the last couple of years,


Who is CelticKuma

As this is the beginning of the blog, I suppose introductions are appropriate. I’ll explain myself and them leave it to the other members of the household who want to contribute to introduce themselves as they see fit. As I’m thinking about how to introduce myself, the fear of bloviating endlessly with tons of annoying drivel stops me dead. You don’t know me yet, dear visitor, but I do tend to go on and on. The tl;dr version may be thus: I’m a geek, a writer, a techie, a nerd, who has been knowingly poly since circa 1999, “open” since