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Another way poly is hard

Polyamorous Skepchick, Heina (who, like many poly people I look to for good advice and experience, is open and out about being poly on her Facebook… *frustrated sigh*) posted an article:¬†Polyamory: What No One Warned Me About. In it she discusses how in a monogamous relationship, when there’s a breakup, you have a lot of things you can fall back on to rationalize why, protecting your pride. But in a poly relationship, where people are free to date others and find in other partners things that they can get and share that is supplemental to your relationship… a breakup pretty


It’s ALL hard! Cooperation or compromise?

Please go read this wonderful article by poly old hat Russell on how polyamory is hard, then come back here. Back? Cool. That was kind of disheartening, wasn’t it? I’ve technically been poly since I realized it was possible around 1997-ish. Then really poly, and embracing the term, around 1999. But those experiences pale in comparison to the poly relationship and management I’ve enjoyed and struggled with over the last year and a half. If those early experiences were toe-dips, the situation I’m in now has been a cannonball dive into the deep end… of the Marianas Trench! I have


Heinlein and poly, please no

I’m in the process of front loading this blog with posts to give people something to read, so it’s mostly my voice so far. Others of the household should be contributing — but I must make this clear, especially with this post: the thoughts and beliefs presented here are mine and I don’t speak for my housemates. They may have very different, or no, opinions on this. Scifi author Robert A. Heinlein is a huge deal in the poly community. I first encountered this “marriage” of Heinlein and poly when I first discovered the concept of poly around 1999. I’ve


Who is CelticKuma

As this is the beginning of the blog, I suppose introductions are appropriate. I’ll explain myself and them leave it to the other members of the household who want to contribute to introduce themselves as they see fit. As I’m thinking about how to introduce myself, the fear of bloviating endlessly with tons of annoying drivel stops me dead. You don’t know me yet, dear visitor, but I do tend to go on and on. The tl;dr version may be thus: I’m a geek, a writer, a techie, a nerd, who has been knowingly poly since circa 1999, “open” since


Where to begin…

Welcome to the Blog Hello and welcome to the blog. There’s so much to say, but it’s just bad form to make our new guests read a lot of exposition before we’ve gotten to know each other — so I’ll try to make this brief and fill in back story as we post. The purpose of this blog is to express ideas, frustrations, joys, and musings. (Really?! I thought the purpose of a blog was to solve world issues!) Ah, cheeky visitor, you got me there. But see… well, here’s the situation: I, “CelticKuma,” am a polyamorous fellow married to